Friday, September 20, 2013

My tumblr page


Ok I know it's been a while since I posted a RL sexual adventure but here is one that I had just this morning. I never do this but I put an ad on Craigslist that basically said that I would be a cocksucking slut for BBC. I got two responses one asking for money and another who seemed interested. One thing led to another and I got a pic of his monster and it was amazing! Soon after finalizing the arrangements he arrived. We put on some shemale porn and I went to town. Soon he was slapping me in the face asking me if I liked his big black cock and was calling me a bitch. This only got me more excited as I sucked his cock like a demon! Then he told me to drop my pants, he told me he wanted me to play with myself as I sucked his cock then he wanted me to cum on his chest and lick it all off then get back to work. I was eager to oblige and pulled down my pants to reveal my pink panties. He smiled and said suck my cock bitch! I dropped to me knees again but this time he held my head and face fucked me. He then commanded me to cum and since I was almost there already I got up and shot the biggest sissy load I had in a long time all over his stomach and chest. He looked up at me and said look at the fucking mess you made and ordered me to clean it up with my tongue which I happily did. When I was done cleaning my mess he rubbed my face in the mix of saliva and cum that remained. He then ordered me to lick his balls first then his ass. Licking his ass got him so hot he began to jack himself off furiously!!! Then he pulled back and held my head with one hand while slowly finishing himself off and as he did he dropped his whole huge sticky thick load right into my mouth!!! It taste amazing, and he ordered me to swallow. I swallowed and then he stuck his cock in front of my mouth so I could clean him off which I gladly did. After a few minutes he left and I think I will be seeing more of him!!! Here is the photo he sent me so you all can see how lucky I was today!! Until next time... HUGS!!!!!