Monday, July 22, 2013



  1. I so agree! Limp is how a girl should be! Whenever I meet a guy, I can hear my fairy Godmother whispering in my ear: ' Only one MAN in the room, honey, and it ain't you ....'

    xx Melody

  2. So love it n so true. I'm actually quite proud to have nothing below in me. My sack n balls are like hardly even noticeable due to years of HRT. That being said, I'm very pleased, with the outcome. Lucky to get off once every 7-10 days n I get feelings or tingling sensations thruout my body in occasions or a shivering, quivering feeling. Hard to explain. But I just so love it:)

  3. I so agree n yet I very rarely get off due to estradiol n spiro intake n yet last night after 3 weeks, I couldn't help myself n after I ate all my cummies like the good sissy cumslut I strive to be. I thought to myself, imagine what I'd have been like, had I not made cummies n thinking, how much I lost by having a cummy. OMG I so love being a trans sissy n such desires to pleasure both a Mistress n a real man. I so want to flower

  4. I messed up my other hmessage.
    I'm Dr. Tony, the absolutely craving sissy bitch boi that wants a femdom, a pretty/beautiful woman who gets orgasms wearing her strap-on large dildo while fucking sissy/bitch bois in our smooth asses!!

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    I am for real.
    Please help me becum the sissy I've always wanted to becum!
    Thanks gurls/girls!¡!!!!!!

  5. Mmm, I so agree Miss M.T. As well as love your blog AllanahVegas