Tuesday, June 4, 2013


These gurls are so beautiful wearing white. And it's a true fantasy of mine to be a beautiful bride. These gurls certainly are living my dream.


  1. Omg I do love seeing the bulge in the girls panties. So sexy of a turn on n so mouth watering at the same time. Sissies rule n so desire to be one myself. So hot n so hungry

  2. the first time in my adult life I ever fully crossdressed I put on a pure white ragu full body support the feel was mezmerising and I have loved white lingerie ever since A friend of mine found out about that and invited me to a wedding party when I got there I was the only one there He then presented me with a beatuful full wedding dress adorned with lots of lace and with it he gave me all white lingerie It was a great party and of course dressed like the bride I also lost my gurl virginity, I now am an unashamed sissy fag and I love the life style My friend still keeps the dress at his house for when we play dressup