Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi gurls, I'm sorry for the infrequent posts lately but work has had me running in so many different directions, I haven't had a chance to be here too much. However last night I was able to put on some of my finest sissy undergarments and head out in search of the elusive BBC.

As everyone knows I always wear panties under my clothes,it's really at the point that I probably would feel weird putting on men's boxer shorts or briefs. I love opening my underwear drawer and seeing all the pastel pinks, yellows greens and blues there it just brightens up my day to know I will be wearing one of these. Last night when I got home I decided to head out to one of the adult theaters in town, I hadn't been out in quite a while and after listening to some trances over the last few days I couldn't keep my mind off BBC, I just had to try to find some.

So after putting on my favorite black lace undies and some extra long thigh hi stockings I bought on ebay I ventured out. As I walked into the theater, as always the absolute darkness of these places takes it's toll, it's like you need a few minutes to adjust so you can see anything and anyone. But I am very familiar with the layout, the first room is the room showing straight porn and that room is always a bit darker as far as ambient light goes. Being a total sissy for cock I know this isn't the place for me so I continued into the room where I belong.

I enter the gay porn room and to my disappointment there are only three guys in the room all around 60 years old, one black man and two white men. I take up a chair in an empty row and begin to watch the movie. The movie was hot, lots of guys with big swollen cocks and lots of great facial cumshots. As I watched I was shifting in my chair because I was so horny.

Then out of nowhere in walks my dream. He was about 6 ft tall with broad shoulders and a muscular body. His skin was chocolate brown and he had a rough looking face with one of those two day old beards. My eyes got wide as he sat down in the front row of the theater and began to watch the movie. He only stayed for about 5 minutes then got up and left the theater much to my chagrin. I began to think, where did he come from? He hadn't just arrived at the theater when he walked in as the door to the outside makes a loud creaking noise when opened. He must have been in the straight theater and I didn't see him when I first walked in because my eyes hadn't adjusted yet!

I told myself ok let's get up and see where he is, since he didn't leave the loud door didn't creek I assumed he was in the yucky straight porn area. I got up but he was nowhere to be found. Then it hit me, he is probably in the bathroom. Now there is a thing that once in a while happens where someone will go into the bathroom and hope they get joined by someone else. I thought he was too good to pass up and not take the risk so I decided to go to the bathroom too. Now this bathroom is a regular 1 person bathroom with a toilet sink and a lock on the door so you can't walk in and have two people in there like a public restroom but I wanted to see what was up (hopefully LOL). I nevrously walked into the hall to the bathroom and the light was on but the door was closed... hmmmm what to do? I decided to check the handle and see if it was locked. I turned the knob and it was open! So I took a breath and opened the door, there he was! But... he was walking out of the bathroom and I almost bumped into him. He looked at me, and I gave him a sheepish smile and apologized, entering the bathroom like I had to go as he was leaving.

Grrrrrrrrrrr. I can't believe the bad timing, but I figured the cat was out of the bag so to speak so after faking a minute or two in the toilet I went back into the theater. Sure enough I found him on the straight porn side and decided to sit down a seat over and one row behind him. He instantly noticed me and glanced back for a couple of seconds, our eyes locking. The then turned and pulled out a cigarette slowly puffing on it as he watched the movie. The movie was ok with a big titted blonde getting oiled up and fucked hard. All I could do was think I wanted to be her and I wanted this stud to do that to me. So he smoked his cigarette casually and our eyes met once again. A minute later he got up again and guess what? He was headed to the bathroom!! I thought ok be calm and see what is happening before you get too happy LOL. I decided that if nothing was going to happen here that I would just continue walking down the hall and out the door, calling it a night. I rounded the bend to the where the bathroom was and the door was WIDE OPEN he was standing inside looking right at me. I gave him a smile and he nodded his head at me. This girl was in heaven!

I walked in and closed the door. Moving up close to him, he reached down for my clitty as I reached for his cock. Being a submissive cocksucker I wasn't interested in having my clitty played with although it was hard leaving me with mixed emotions. I know my clitty should always be soft and girly but in the initial excitement sometimes it just can't help itself. I dropped to my knees and assumed the position in front of him as he began to unzip his pants. As they dropped to the floor it revealed not only more of his perfect chocolate skin but a pair of red bikini underwear with a very full front pouch! I smiled and looked up at him as he slowly removed the bikini to expose what is one of the nicest cocks I have seen in what seems like forever!!! He was totally shaven and his flaccid cock was at least 6 inches long already. I let out a little girly high pitched sigh as I took this black beauty into my hand, feeling its fullness as it started to swell. MY mouth instinctively went down to his shaven balls and began to lick them as I stroked his member. The only slight disappointment was that he didn't have the huge low hanging balls that I love so much. I love it when I can put black balls that hang low into my mouth and just play with them forever. With that said though, that is a very slight thing as his cock was amazing and sprang to life at my touch. I moved my mouth's attention to his swollen head and began to put it into my mouth. It felt wonderful to hear him moan as I began to swirl my lips around his cock head and he continued to grow. By the time his cock was fully erect I think he was close to 10" long and had amazing girth too! I was truly a lucky girl, hitting the Vegas jackpot!

I was so absorbed in his cock I almost forgot about the rest of him, just thinking about pleasing that wonderful piece of flesh and wanting to see him shoot his load I was totally lost in the moment. Then after a few minutes of euphoria I glanced up at him, he was looking down with a huge smile and I pulled my mouth off for just a second to give him a huge smile back. I continued to worship his cock on my knees now looking up at him so thankful that he was enjoying this as much as I was. As he got closer and closer his love tool stiffened even more driving me into a frenzy of sucking. The best part was when he got closer and closer to cumming his whole body stiffened and he began to moan so I knew I was doing a great job for him and he was going to have a violent orgasm. I began to jerk him as I sucked and his legs almost felt locked as he tensed, getting ready to spit his love goo all over the place. I could tell he was there as it felt like his whole body was a volcano ready to erupt. I lubed his cock one last time with my mouth and began to jerk him off onto my cheek.

As he got ready to cum I pulled back a touch so I could see all of his sticky load come out of that beautiful black cock head. Sure enough as if on cue his cock began to shoot loads and loads of beautiful cum. The first strand shot out and caught me square on the right cheek and began to ooze down toward my chin. The second shot was even farther than the first and hit me just below the right eye! I was in heaven, he had cum a ton... but he wasn't done, He shot two more big wads that oozed all over my hand totally covering the back part of my hand with what looked like about 4oz of the gooey white stuff. I gave him a huge smile and licked him clean as is my duty. I then got him the paper towel and wiped his dick off so he could put it away. I took the semen from the back of my hand and wiped as much on my face as I could, trying to rub it all in (a girl needs to moisturize you know!). There was so much cum that I couldn't rub it all in so I cleaned up a bit and thanked him very much. I left immediately after that satisfied in my quest for BBC and a huge load of cum!

Hope you enjoyed this new true adventure and you like my blog. Thanks for reading and subscribing, I appreciate all of you! Kisses.... Allanah


  1. Wow!! Love it Allanah! I'm a Vegas sissy too. You just have to tell me where this theater is :)

  2. Hi Coco, the theater is at Trop and Valley View :)Sometimes it's great like last night sometimes it's not as great. Hit or miss, but yesterday was definitely a hit! Good luck girl!

  3. Hi Allanah, yes I do know that one. Will have to try it sometime. Have you been to Sinderella's before? Would love to email or message you privately some time :) Coco

  4. Hi Coco, I'm always happy to hear from people on here.


  5. Allanah, Great story. I love reading true stories about gurls finding what they are looking for. No such luck here in PA. Very few adult establishments available for use (actually none that I've found). Keep telling us about your adventures. Colleen

  6. Hi Colleen,
    Thanks for the comment. You should come out here for vacation and try your luck. You are stunning and I'm sure you could have all the fun you would want :)) Thanks for watching the blog and reading.

  7. Lucky girl! What I wouldn't give for some BBC.

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