Friday, April 20, 2012


I woke up yesterday morning actually a little tired and bitchy. I hadn't slept too well and had a long day at work ahead of me. After breakfast I decided that what would make me feel better is to put on my favorite pink and black lace thong and wear that all day. If I was going to be stuck at work all day at least I was going to be reminded that I am a little slut by having the thong shoved between my cheeks all day as I sat at the desk.

 As the day wore on I started to feel better, the thong playing a big part of that. I just love the feel of wearing one, the only drawback being that the small patch in the front doesn't hold my clitty long term and I had to go to the bathroom numerous times to adjust myself and cover myself with the small pink patch. By the time work was over I was feeling slutty and horny so I decided to go back to the place of my last adventure a few days ago, an adult theater here in town. As I approached I noticed some new construction at the intersection making it difficult to get into the parking lot but I was a determined girl :). When I entered the parking lot I was disappointed to find only 4 cars where there are normally 15 or so. The construction must be to blame I thought and after my initial disappointment I was actually thinking this might be a good thing. Less people meant less cocksuckers in the theater and hopefully there would be a horny stud alone in the mostly empty theater. I paid my money and walked inside the theater.

 Normally in this theater and I'm not sure why but almost all of the movies being played are white on white. In the straight room it's usually a white girl getting screwed by a white man and in the gay area it's usually 2 white bois sucking and fucking. But today when I walked in the straight theater had two huge black studs ramming two white women much to my surprise! This made me instantly horny and I searched the theater to see who was here. In the straight theater there was one person so I of course kept traveling to my designated theater which is reserved for cocksuckers like me :). As I turned the corner to enter the gay theater I heard what sounded like female moaning and my first reaction was Oh NO they are playing straight porn in both theaters!! Nope, I turned to see a beautiful Shemale getting her ass pounded by a black stud!!! Then the best thing happened, I turned to look at the rest of the theater and see if anyone was here and there HE was. There was one person in the theater and he was right smack in the center. Sitting in the chair with his legs out straight in front of him and his arms spread out on each side across the top of the chairs on either side like a king was the most amazing black man!!! It was only him and I in the entire theater, I thought I was in heaven LOL.

 I took up my usual seat when I am looking at a man, one row behind him and one seat over, giving me a good angle to look at his crotch. As soon as I sat down he turned to look at me and I gave him a HUGE smile, and he smiled back. My heart fluttered as his handsome smile told me everything I needed to know about how my night was going to go. Within a minute he had begun to unbuckle his belt and I was at his side before he had his cock out. I kneeled down next to his leg as he slid his bikini underwear off revealing a PERFECT black cock. It was even larger than the cock earlier in he week and he had the low drooping big balls that I love so much. I grabbed his meaty shaft with my right hand and immediately took one of his balls into my mouth and began to passionately suck and kiss it. I think he was surprised at how I was worshiping his cock not just sucking it (there is a difference) and I couldn't get enough of him. His cock had a perfect slight bend down which enabled it to go down my throat easily even though his cock was literally as long as my head is big. I had to find out for sure so I put his cock against my face with the base of his shaft at my chin and the tip went straight up to the top of my forehead!! I began to slap my face with his cock right there in the theater and then began to kiss the shaft up and down while jerking his beautiful meat. After sucking his cock for about 10 minutes he reached down toward my clitty and once again it was betraying me by being hard as a rock. I couldn't help it, he was the sexiest black man I had ever been with. His thighs were big and powerful and his back and chest were muscular. He told me that he wanted to taste me and with his request I was torn. As a sissy slut I want to do everything to please my man but I wanted to stay on my knees so badly and finish him off right there. In the end because I obey and do what I am told I decided to stand up and let him see my clit. I dropped my pants revealing my pink thong and he began to kiss it which drove me crazy! I milk myself daily so I knew that I would last and not make icky gooey cum so when he put my clit in his mouth I wasn't alarmed, his reaction told me that he really liked that. He began to stroke his cock furiously as my clit was buried into his mouth and within a couple of minutes his whole body wrenched and he came a ton on the theater floor.

 Almost as soon as he came the theater door opened! Now let me tell you a little something about these theaters. There is supposed to be no sex in public and they are supposed to throw you out if they catch you. Within a minute a store employee was standing next to us and we had both hurriedly tried to pull our pants up. As she got there she said to us, relax guys no big deal. After all who do you think it was that put on this trans movie? I'm every bit as much of a trans as the girls on this screen. Have fun! and with that she left.. OMG!! This was amazing, here I thought I was going to be busted but was given the green light to have fun!! Too bad he had cum already, but I decided to hang around and see what happened.

 He went outside to smoke a cigarette while I waited obediently in the theater for him to return. When he got back in he told me how much he liked my cocksucking abilities and I told him I would suck his cock any day any time. He just smiled and said well how about now? YAYYYYYY I thought to myself as he began to unbuckle his pants. However another patron entered the theater right then. So I whispered into his ear for him to join me in the bathroom for round 2. He gave me a broad smile and we closed and locked the door where I assumed the same position I had earlier in the week with the other black man. I was able to worship his cock for about 20 minutes and sucked him dry. It was truly a heavenly experience. I told him I would be back next week, I hope he is here!!!!


  1. Another great adventure Allanah! You're a true inspiration to us white sissy's who adore Big Black Cock so much! Thanks gurl!! :)

  2. Oh Allanah! That was such a wonderfully sexy story. I love living vicariously through your adventures. In PA there isn't anyplace like the theater you have. If there was I would be tempted to visit and recreate your scene. Temped, but I doubt I would ever do it. Please keep writing so we can enjoy what you do.


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