Friday, December 30, 2011

Janet Mason BBC Lover Music tribute :)

Oh how I wish I were her in this video. Enjoy and dream girls, one day this could be us :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Theater Fun (Worship The Cock)

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday season. In my last post I promised you an update on some more of my search for cock here in Sin City and here it is :). As you all know I am totally into hypnosis now and am trancing almost every day. I am getting more and more bold in the things that I do. I only wear panties under my clothes now and have my toenails painted all the time and even am wearing a clear lip gloss when I go out in public.

Last week after an intense hypno session I was feeling even more horny than usual with only one problem... I had to go to work!! Well, that put a slight hold on things but didn't cool me off at all to say the least.

After my shower I pulled on the cutest Hello Kitty pink panties and tucked myself the best I could down inside so it looked flat in the front. A good sissy always tucks her clitty so she looks like the girl she is :). Today I added a little extra touch, I put on a pretty soft cup pink bra under my shirt which is something I don't normally do since I work with the general public. I decided that after work I was going to go find some big hard cock to suck and wanted to be ready. Today I took my makeup bag and some perfume with me, which I have never done in public before. It made me so excited thinking about it!!

Work seemed to take forever but it was finally over. I got into my car and immediately pulled down the vanity mirror and began applying mascara and eyeliner. This is something I always wanted to do in public and couldn't believe I was actually doing it in a parking lot with people walking by!!

I didn't apply makeup to my entire face I just added the eyeliner and mascara to make my eyes stand out and appear slutty and drove down Tropicana Ave to the Adult Superstore. I walked upstairs and paid to enter the theater. Once inside the theater I went into the bathroom and added a bit of eyeshadow and some pretty pink lipgloss and proceeded to walk in.

Most theaters have two seperate rooms one that has straight porn and one that has either shemale or gay porn. In the beginning I wasn't confident in who or what I was and always sat in the straight porn section but now since I have done they hypnosis on a daily basis, I know who and what I am and always walk right into the gay theater.

Tonight to my dismay the theater was almost empty but I took a seat in the back row and decided to wait. I watched these two cute guys on the screen suck and fuck each other for about 15 minutes when an older gentleman came into the room and sat in the same row as me a few seats away. Usually older guys in their late 50's etc aren't my thing but experience has also told me they sometimes make the best Doms and understand us sissies the best. I watched the screen and glanced at him a couple of times and after a few minutes I noticed he was rubbing his cock. :) It was rather dark in the theater and I didn't notice right away when he pulled his cock out of his pants and began stroking it but I finally did notice. I took a look at his cock and it was gorgeous!! It was rock hard and had to be almost 8 inches in length. He never even glanced at me which sort of upset me a bit and just kept stroking his cock for what seemed like the longest time. I was getting a little anxious and began almost looking at him exclusively not even really paying attention to the movie and he didn't glance over at me, not one time. He was making me hornier and hornier by ignoring me and I was wondering if he knew it.

All of a sudden he tucked his cock away into his pants and stood up :(. This isnt how I was hoping my night would go after being horny all day but he stood up and didn't leave the theater, he walked one aisle in front of me and sat down directly in front of me. We were both in the end seats in our row with the aisle to the left of us. At first I thought he was trying to block my view of him stroking his cock by moving in front of me but I soon found out different when he slumped all the way down in the chair so I could see his raging hard on over his slumped body as he stroked his cock!!

Inside I was yelling YAYYYYY as I watched him stroke, then he turned around and looked at me for a second while he stroked then turned his attention back to the movie. He was older but he was very fit and in excellent shape, he had a military flat top haircut and had a very flat stomach and looked great! I knew what I had to do and as a sissy cocksucker what I needed to do.

I got out of my seat and crawled on all fours down the theater aisle to the side of his chair where he was stroking. He never said a word and he just took his hand off his cock and nodded to me. I took his cock into his mouth and began to suck him. He began to talk to me as if he knew me saying "You've been looking for cock all day haven't you?" and "Thats it, suck the cock like a good slut". It was driving me crazy and I was moaning with a mouthful of his cock as he was talking to me. He pulled his cock away and told me to meet him in the theater bathroom where we could have some privacy and I nodded. He went first and I did as I was told and waited a minute and followed. When I got into the bathroom he was waiting there with his pants down around his ankles and his cock was at attention. I kneeled dutifully in front of him and he told me to kiss his cockhead which I happily did. Next he told me to give gentle kisses to his shaft and to kiss his shaven balls which I was happy to do. He told me I was a good slut and a good whore as I was doing it which was driving me crazy. Then he asked me what I wanted and made me beg for his cock. He plopped his cock down in front of my nose and told me I was allowed to suck his cock which I did. He periodically would pull his cock out of my mouth and slap it HARD across my cheek making my face sting then putting it back in my mouth. I sucked his cock for a long time and began tasting his sweet precum as it began to trickle from his cock head.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth again and made me stay kneeling in front of him and look at him as he rubbed his balls. He told me that I am only to talk when spoken to or asked a question and if I understood. I told him yes sir and he asked me what I wanted to which I replied his cock. He asked what else and I replied his cum. He asked again if I wanted his cum and I said yes sir. Then he reinserted his cock in my mouth and I began to suck again. Fairly soon after that his legs began to shake violently as I felt him begin to cum. He pulled his cock out and shot a huge load on my shirt and face!!! When he finished cumming and shaking almost uncontrollably he began to slap my face with his cock again very hard and rubbed his cum into my cheek. He told me I was a good slut and to clean myself up that I was a mess then he walked out of the bathroom without another word leaving me there in a mess on my knees but very very happy.

Hope you enjoyed this true story and I will keep you updated as I continue my search for cock here in Las Vegas. Hopefully I will find someone that wants to train me to be theirs and I can serve them like the sissy that I am. Until next time girls, be happy be proud and be safe!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Funkmaster's Brotha Lovin Compliation

Hi Girls!
This video had my little clitty hard and my sissy mind aching to be one of these girls. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :) Stay tuned for another of my real life sissy experiences to be posted in the next day or so.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Whore White Princess

Continuing wit the interracial theme that I love :) Wouldn't you love to be these girls? :)

Black Interferences

Hi gurls! This morning I am making up for lost time with multiple posts lol. Here is a great Black cock white slut video I found. Enjoy it, its sure to make your mouth water for some BBC :).

OMG What a Beautiful BBC!!!!

Mouth watering BBC Jerking off for all of us sissies. Enjoy!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Become a Woman Hypno

Traditional hypno here with spiral and words. No porn on this one but can be effective if you go into trance easily :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bodybuilder Blowjob!!! Yummy and True!!!

Hi Everyone! Today I bring you a new exploit as I travel around sin city looking for amazing hard cock. I know I have been posting mostly hypno clips lately because I have been so busy but today I have an interesting story to tell.
Just to update everyone, I am totally brainwashed into being a sissy faggot who lives for sucking cock and servicing real men. I've been totally into hypno for about the last 6 months and it has released the inner me and I couldnt be happier. Although I have a ways to go before I can be happy with my appearance ( I want to be very girlie!) I am now wearing only panties under my outer clothes and often times I also wear a bra. I love being made up and as soon as I go home at night I put on my breast forms and love to feel them jiggle as I do my house work :). Ok on to today's story!!

I've been very busy lately and getting hornier by the day because I haven't had the chance to go out much recently. Today I had to run an errand at work and my path where I had to go took me past one of my favorite places to look for big cock,Sinderellas. As I approached I noticed that there were at least 15 vehicles outside in the parking lot and a bunch of them looked like work trucks. My sissy clitty got hard as I thought about all of the construction types that might be inside because of all of the trucks. I decided to make a quick stop and see what was going on :).

When I walked inside there was nobody in the main area except for the female clerk, this made me happy because it meant everyone was in the back video area not out where the novelties are sold. In the past I used to be embarrassed when there was a female clerk in a place like this but my brainwashing has made it so I dont really care at all if she knows I am here to suck some cock. I know what I am and I don't want her anyway, I was looking for cock and the fact that I walked right up to her and asked her for the tokens to go into the back with a smile on my face pleased me immensely :)

I inserted the tokens and went into the dark arcade area. Sinderella's isnt a traditional arcade, its more of a bunch of booths each playing a seperate video. There is no option to change the channel once you are inside the booth. When I got inside there were a bunch of guys walking around, you had your usual couple of old guys and a fattie or two but I was right there were quite a few hunks in there and I couldnt be happier! I particularly liked this one blonde bodybuilder who was in his late 30's maybe early 40's. He had a big barrel chest, huge arms and was wearing a t-shirt that stretched around his muscles like it was going to tear off of him. He was wearing sweat pants and was walking around like he was definitely into some action.
My eyes met his and we sort of walked around for a few minutes, I've never been good at the whole protocol thing as far as who goes in the booth first etc I just sort of let it happen. Well we sort of danced back and forth and neither of us went into a booth right away, then it happened! Noooo not what I wanted to happen, another really handsome guy came through the door and began to give my bodybuilder eye contact and went straight into a booth!! The bodybuilder made his way over there and they disappeared into the booth together! Darn!!!

So I felt bummed out and began looking around for a minute or two when I noticed that one of the "corner" booths had become unlocked and open. The corner booths are much larger than regualr booths and at Sinderellas they are big enough to have a small orgy inside. They are also equipped with 4 video screens each playing a different movie!! So I made my way to the open booth as I peeked my head in to see what was on the screens I saw someone was already in the booth, he was another bodybuilder and he was sitting in the chair jerking off furiously!! He gave me a nod and I entered the booth. I closed the door behind me and dropped to my knees. This guy was more slender than the other guy but he had amazing arms and pecs and he had an 8" hard cock that was throbbing and begging for my attention!!

So I took his hard cock into my mouth and he instantly began to moan, which made me moan with my mouth full of his cock. I deep throated him burying my lips against his pelvis. He was completely shaved and had even sprinkled some cologne down there, he smelled amazing!! As I was devouring his cock he was telling me how great of a cock sucker I was and this made me both happy and proud. I moved my lips off of his cock with a popping noise and told him how much I loved sucking cock. He told me to suck his balls so I began to put his clean shaven balls into my mouth one at a time while he jerked off above my face. He began talking loudly about how great I felt licking his balls and what a great cocksucker and slut I was which made me even more turned on!! I buried my face deep into his ballsack and began sucking hard on his testicles while he told me how good I was. I moved my head back up to suck his cock and I realized something. He had opened the door and everyone in the place had a clear view of me sucking on his cock!!! The guy closest to the door was the other bodybuilder and he was rubbing his cock while he watched!!

By now I was totally gone, caught up in the moment I worked my head back to his cock and devoured it with everyone watching, moaning like a slut with a mouth full of his man meat!! It tasted so good then he told me to work on his balls again. When in lift my head off his cock I glanced up at the open door and two guys were still looking one of which was the other bodybuilder.

I kneeled down between his legs while he continued to sit in the chair and I worked on his balls while he jerked off, I began to hear him grunt and groan as he shot a huge wad of cum when he shuddered in orgasm, one big splotch hitting my cheek as I continued to suck on his balls to milk him dry. He gave me a big smile and thanked me and off he went.

I thought my adventure was done but when I appeared out of the booth the other bodybuilder was waiting around outside and immediately upon seeing me, made eye contact and dashed into the other "corner" booth. I couldn't resist since he was the one that made me horny in the first place so I followed like a good submissive sissy that I am. By the time I got into the booth he had his sweatpants down to his thighs and was jerking off. His cock was beautiful too! It was close to 8 inches and totally hard as a rock.

He looked at me and said "I want some of what you gave the other guy' and pushed on my shoulders slightly to get me to drop to my knees. no encouragement was necessary as I took his throbbing member into my mouth. Immediately I tasted his pre-cum as he must have been close to cumming watching me suck the other guy's cock. He tasted so good as I savored the taste while I sucked him. I gave him the same treatment as the other guy sucking his cock like a demon and licking his balls while he jerked off until he came. He also splattered a HUGE load of cum on my cheek which I rubbed into my face just like I did from the other guy. So all in all it was a pretty amazing afternoon!