Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My first Blog Post!!!

Hi Everyone!! Thanks for checking in here with me. In my first post I will tell you a little bit about me so you know who I am and how I got the way that I am... totally addicted to sucking anonymous cock anywhere I can find it in Las Vegas :)).
 I'm a 30 something person (a girl never tells her age.. giggles) living in sin city and have always been drawn to being submissive. I had always dated women but somehow it never seemed right to me, most of the women I dated were looking for a strong type to guide them and I have always wanted to be the one serving and doing things for them and when it came to sex it was just a bit awkward tryng to be dominant like most of them wanted. I have sort of hung in limbo for a number of years but as I have gotten more mature I found that I am much more bi-sexual than I had cared to admit when I was younger (The bravado of my youth had clouded who I really was inside). I had struggled on and off for a bit and even met a man or two whom I had intimate affairs with briefly but guilt always drove me away.
Within the last year I found the power of hypnosis and feminization. With the help of great blogs such as annamalice Sissy Self hypnosis I have felt walls break down that were there in the past. I am now embracing the true submissive sissy I have felt inside me yearning to get out!!!! I now wear panties every day, when I am at work I wear them under my work clothes and sometimes wear pantyhose to feel the nylon rub against my pant legs as I walk at work :))) I am now tinkering with makeup and beginning to make attempts to make myself up after I get home from work, hopefully practice will make perfect.giggles* Just yesterday the breast forms that I ordered off of Ebay arrived and I couldnt be happier!!! I put on my favorite bra when I got home and stuck them in and jumped up and down to feel them jiggle.. YAYYYYY! I love the feeling of the weight on my chest, I was so excited that I slept with them on last night ( I know you arent supposed to but I just couldnt help myself!).
In this blog you will get blow by blow (pardon the pun.. hehe) descriptions of what I am doing and of the anonymous sex that I can find here in Las Vegas. I'm excited to share my experiences with you and I will add some cool photos and links to great hypno files along the way too. I hope you come with me on my journey as I look for big cock in the Las Vegas Valley.. MUAHHHHHHH! :)