Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adult Theater Action

Here is a true story about something that happened to me this week as I explore my new found sissy side. I'm still not at the point where I am going to gay clubs and finding men so I am looking for slightly easier targets lol. The other day I was particularly horny so I decided to go visit an adult bookstore here in Vegas to see what I can find. I went to a couple of video arcades and found some disappointment in the fact that Vegas is basically devoid of gloryholes. I was a bit frustrated and annoyed so I began to head home.
 On my way home I stopped at one last place, its a new place called Sinderellas. As I walked in I found this was a totally different type of place. First of all it was a book store/stripclub all in one. Off to the side was a stripper pole and some private booths where you could take the dancers private which I thought was interesting. Another different thing is the arcade. Its a flat fee arcade meaning instead of dumping tokens in every couple of minutes you pay one fee ($10.00) and can basically hang out all day and not have to put tokens in the individual booths. Most of the booths were small and cramped but there were a few corner booths that were very spacious and had multiple screens and they were great!.
I started to look around and check out the situation for someone who was looking for a sissy like me to suck them off. I had on my pantyhose and panties under my pants. Under my shirt I was wearing a little pink bra and the straps were clearly visible to anyone who looked at my shirt. I was feeling like a total slut and searching for some cock.
Well I didnt have too wait long to see someone checking me out rubbing his crotch looking at me. He was probably in his fourties and he was at a corner booth. I walked toward him and he nodded to me and moved into the booth with me quickly behind. I got into the booth and dropped to my knees directly in front of him and it took seconds before I was staring at his semi hard cock. I eagerly devoured it and cupped his balls with my hand and withing seconds he was hard as a rock. He was around 7" and cut and I could tell it had been days since he had cum because he was twitching very quickly. He began to grab my head and thrust his cock deep down my throat pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. He began to talk to me telling me what to do. I eagerly followed his instructions as he told me to cup his balls and run my tongue around his slit on the head of his cock. His cock tasted delicious!! He told me to take my cock out and I told him it was inside my panties and pantyhose and he demanded that I stand up and strip for him. I stood up and began to take my shirt off to reveal my tiny titties that I created with tape to give myself the illusion of cleavage. I didnt have my cup enhancers in because I didnt have the nerve to walk around yet in public with tits visible for the world to see.
He put his hand down my bra and I moaned loudly as he ran his hand along my cleavage. He ordered me to take off my pants revealing my red thong under my black pantyhose. He examined my shaved legs and ran his hand on the front of my panties which was flat because I had my cock tucked between my legs. He smiled at me and told me I was a good slut and told me to get back on my knees.
I began to put his still rock hard cock into my mouth and began to suck him deeply. After a few minutes he began to moan loudly and talk to me about what a great sissy maid I would be. His talking was driving me crazy as I was doing anything and everything he was telling me to do. Its a dream of mine to be made up and dressed like a maid and service a master or mistress so he was saying all the right things!!
I felt him begin to twitch and shudder, he grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat and I felt his hot cum pour down my throat into my belly. He must have spasmed at least 5 times, he came so hard!!! When he finished he released my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to clean him up. I slowly milked any remaining cum out of his shaft and licked him clean. After talking for a few minutes I found out he wasn't from Las Vegas so my search for a master or mistress continues but I had a great time!!!


  1. So hot! Have hear about Sinderellas but kinda nervous to try it. How many times have you been there?

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